Looking back for answers

With all the trials in life its no wonder we end up screwing what we love the most, our children. As you probibly figured out my children are married and live happily ever after. I wish that were the case but not even close. Once your child goes out and gets married they usually have children of their and they did just that. We raise our kids the way that we think is the right way. We go to church and do the private school thing and music, dance and all the other things we think developed the good kid. How can you tell you must have really screwed up somewhere along the way. One turned out normal whatever that is and the other has been on drugs for the past fifteen years. You have know idea the hurt and pain I go through daily and the guilt of thinking how I screwed up early on. I look back and think to much freedom was were I screwed up but my close think not.later


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