Keeping the calm

Well I’m glad the meltdown was short lived but it left its share of scares. I was shopping today or I should say my wife was shopping and I just stayed in the car watching hoards of women heading for the candle sale. I can say I truly hate to shop and I’m fairly sure that won’t change. I go with my wife because she seems to have confidence issue or just wants to piss me off, it works. If I was asked ” would you marry her again” I would say sure because when your twenty your fairly stupid. I had know real reason not to get married and I thought at the time to be a grown up thing to do, never read the small print caution. Marriage is a complicated deal as I have learned in the last forty one years. I’m not sure when all those things she did quit pissing off and I’m sure it would be the same for her. We have taken in a homeless young lady to help make life hopefully turn out better and that brings another dynamic you never plan for. I’ll save that story for another day. Thank god I don’t drink because like the rest of my family I would do it badly.later


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