Almost another year

I really don’t know who survived this year. I found a new meaning for stress and its certainly not polite. I’m not sure how this one end or how the new one will start. A daughter who will certainly crash and maybe die and the knife cuts deeper. Im trying to be optimistic about the near future but the outlook really sucks. Couldn’t we have just one administration that really cared for all the people in the nation not just the favored many. I was going to sat a few but I think the poor just got alot poorer. I really get sick and tired of hearing politics and all the bull shit that’s comes along with it. Well enough of this crap and on with being a few days older. We have four young adults in the house today and two are not related at all. Not all bad, at least they are having fun and not drinking or smoking pot. Just think a new year is almost here like or not and we get to plan how we think we want it to pan out well knowing none of it will happen as planned. I really need to get serious about this next year and its hard with all the uncertainty in the world. It sucks that the euro can go take a crash and we get to feel bus to. Well its time to say hi to all the kids a d bye to you,later


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