A day closer

A friend came by a few minutes ago and asked the wrong question, who is your family? Well Needless to say I have been more than pissed off at her for reasons that would fill a book. He let me vent for a moment and then did some venting of his own. I remarked that I wasn’t sure what normal was anymore. I swear most people I know smoks pot and to them its quite normal and the other half drink way to much and again that’s normal. And congressional insider trading is legal and that’s OK! Were the hell did that come from. I have made a promise to myself to pray at least once a day. I know what your probibly thinking, boy is he stupid. I’ve been a believer since I was about five and that even astounds me. Was in the church until I was twenty and for me it was guite normal. That thing we call the holy spirit has always dwelled in me and I try to let it lead, note the tried. Its going to one of those days, I forgot to take me blood pressure meds and should head home now but will see. If me talking about faith turns you off then just turn me off but remember I’m just a dumb sixty one year old who couldn’t possible have any wisdom.later


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