A glimmer of hope

I pray almost everyday that I in some way contribute to the good of at least one of my children. I think my oldest may be really trying to join the human race with a clear mind. I remember her as a young adult and I don’t think you could have a more carrying thought full person. The last I guess fifteen years have been a bad dream, really bad dream. The thought of her really facing life with a clear mind sends chills of joy down my spine. It takes alot to excite me these days with all the pains of being senior citizen and all. I took me really by surprise when my wife ordered our taco bell and I got the drink free. It sort of really pissed me off because who likes to think in geriactric terms. Well back to the feeling of joy, its the best Christmas gift ever if it all works out. I truly believe in the holy spirit and as I have said in the past you can turn me off at any time. I try with a passion to never preach to anyone and I certainly don’t like it. But if you ask, well that’s your fault. I guess I have vented and rejoiced enough for one day and life goes on.

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